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morsi's actions also sparked protests here in our area. dozens of people marched from the white house to the egyptian embassy yesterday. they say they want a separation of church and state, and people of all religions should feel safe. >> he has drafted a constitution for his people and for himself. and we're here to protest against that. we want a constitution for everybody in egypt. we want a constitution for the muslims, for the christians and every single citizen in egypt. >> many of the protesters say they are not even from our area. >>> the top of command on the u.s. forces in afghanistan says the joint forces planned, rehearsed and successfully rescued the doctor in afghanistan. wednesday insurgents abducted him outside the afghan capital. general john allen says joseph will be returning to his family. the intelligence showed the doctor was imminent danger. >>> hugo chavez will head to chicago for more cancer treatment. he announced on state television his cancer returned and he would undergo another round of surgery in cuba. for the first time he said in-f his health worsens h
to 286 to the beltway at 55 miles per hour. >>> this morning, ford faces a class action lawsuit claiming the company overhyped the gas mileage on some of its cars. the lawsuit says the mileage claims for the 2013 sea max hybrid and fusion hybrid models are misleading. both get 47 miles to the gallon, but a recent report study found it's actually as much as ten miles fewer per gallon than ford claims. recently, kia and hyundai also had to amend their mileage numbers after admitting they fudged the test process. >>> a dog in michigan is waking up warm thanks to a gad samaritan who most likely saved its life. the dog's owner called 9-1-1 to get help after his dog wandered on to ice there. before crews arrived, a man tried to go out on to the ice and got stuck himself. eventually, crews were able to rescue the man and the dog. animal control officers say the dog was cold, the man was cold. otherwise, they were okay. >>> i'm sure so was the rescuer as well. with winter officially here and the temperatures dropping, doctors say that many people's moods will drop as well. doctors at the mayo cl
're getting in on the action at our facebook page and let us know what you might be doing. or if someone has done something for you. >>> some four-legged friends will doing their part to ease the pain in newtown, connecticut. ten gold ep retrievers arrived from chicago much the therapy dogs are part of the lutheran church charities and they hope the dogs can bring smiles to a town that's been plunged into darkness. >> it's a chance to bring mercy and compassion to people. the dogs are good at -- they're unconditional love. >> i don't know. aren't they just as innocent as the children. maybe that's the innocence. you just want to embrace them. have a little bit of that innocence in us. >> the comfort dog program as it's called, started in 2008. after a shooting northern illinois university that killed five students. hopefully the dogs bring a smile to their faces and bring them comfort. >> awesome idea. everything that they can do to try to help out those kids up there. need to make it happen. >>> it is 21 minutes after 6:00. we want to get a look at our forecast at this point this morning. t
wintry action for us. >> a look outside this morning. nothing to see right now. tom says things could change relatively soon, right, tom? >> by later this morning we could get wintry precipitation but right now it's all dry. we have clouds passing over us. by the way the storm out west in california, there's some flight delays around san francisco if you plan on heading there or anyone leaving from there. right now low clouds around the metro area and most of maryland and virginia. a few breaks in the clouds here in the panhandle of west virginia and down in southern shenandoah valley. we have some rain now beginning to show up in southwestern virginia, kentucky, tennessee, the carolinas heading that way you'll drive into rain. it's all above freezing there. closer to us it's below freezing. all of these areas in the dark blue are in the 20s and that includes most of virginia, most of maryland except near the waters. reagan national is at 32. 20 degrees to upper teens in a few locations. roanoke getting rain and 42. this warmer air will begin to move in here by later today. as it does
avenue on the inner loop. 10-minute drive time. veronica and richard. >>> 4:42. still to come, action after the tragedy at sandy hook. president obama's message on gun control heading into the new career. >>> the [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rolls and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying... because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll. >>> the 3wbody of the man who fired inside a -- the hartfo"ha couran courant". before going to nearby sandy hook elementary school, killing 20 first graders and six adults and then he killed himself. a private funeral was held for lanza's mother. >>> since the connecticut shootings, a debate on gun control escalated from a simmer to a boil. just after the shootings, president obama promised to do something to prevent a similar incident from happening. yesterday on "meet the press" ye
and is considering taking legal action against the radio station. >>> in the philippines, the death toll is climbing after a powerful typhoon lashed parts of the south pacific. this morning the number of deaths climbs to 350 and about 400 people are still missing. many of the dead and unaccounted for are from the southern parts of the nation. in one area, about 80 villagers and soldiers died if a flash flood that swamped two emergency shelters. a national weather service in the u.s. is reconsidering how they're issuing warnings. they're considering a new plan even if storms are no longer a hurricane or tropical storm. some have criticized the national hurricane center because it stopped issuing hurricane warnings after sandy's wind speeds dropped, which many have said caused people to disregard the danger of storm. meantime, the senate transportation committee will hold a meeting today to discuss thousand storm damaged transportation. >>> meantime, the district is about to get more help from the federal government for sandy cleanup. president obama has declared a major disaster in d.c. he ordered fe
it out alive. >>> legal action following the connecticut school shooting. why families of the young survivors want to go to court. >>> and we are tracking the winter storm that's headed our way this morning. crews are out treating the roads right now. we have everything you need to know as snow and rain move in. >>> it is 6:09. welcome back. a live look right now outside union station. seeing that wind having its way with that flag right now. we do have some dry conditions in our immediate area, but changes are on the way. veronica will have the snow forecast in a few minutes. >>> this morning, police in virginia are investigating how a man died after his body was found in a van on the side of the road. an officer discovered the vehicle at the intersection chambridge road. homicide investigators were called in because of what they call suspicious circumstances. >>> one person is dead and two others seriously hurt after a fire ripped through a townhouse in prince george's county. flames ripped through the entire home, burning right through the roof. police have not released the name
. >> where will it end? >>> ford facing a class action lawsuit over gas mileage on some of its cars. the lawsuit says the automaker fudged the gas mileage for the 2013 hybrid and fusion hybrid models. both get 47 miles to the gallon supposedly. a recent study found it's as much as ten miles per gallon fewer than ford claims. recently, kia and hyundai also had to amend their mileage numbers after they admitted they fudged the test process. >>> the northeast is cleaning up this morning from the first major winter storm of the season. some areas saw as much as 18 inches of snow from the power storm. areas like buffalo, new york, and burlington, vermont haven't seen this much snow -- this is my question. isn't that a machine right there? why is he using the hand-held one. haven't seen this much snow since 2010. travel is treacherous in many areas. >> using muscle, that's all. >> those traveling by plane are hoping to get off the ground. more than 2,000 flights have been canceled this week leaving many stranded. the storm has caused delays at airports as far as l.a. so far, there aren't
of fredericksburg, culpepper, madison and orange. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., a break in the action coming our way. it will still be cloudy and drizzly outside but the steadier rains will be gone for at least a little while. this next batch of rain down across kentucky and tennessee, that's about 12 hours away. if it stays on track and on pace. so, we have more rain chances coming in for after sundown tonight. you can see the rain lifting out for now. a rainy morning will turn into a cloudy and drizzly afternoon today. warm front just down to our south. it startss8@ surgeÇxugh the5=dar tonight. vt wk as it comes through, it will follow the heavier band of rain showers out. you'll notice temperature may start to rise overnight tonight and into tomorrow, temperatures will surge into the 60s tomorrow. off and on shower chances through much of your monday but i think we'll front-load it. rain chances early in the '/07ig evening time frame. then a weather front, cold front comes through here. that will finally turn off our rain chances. sunshine and chilly dry december-like weather returns tuesday n
obama promised action on gun control. the president pledged change in 2013. >> i'm going to put forward a package and put my full weight behind it. i'm going to be making an argument to the american people about were this is important and why we have to do efg we can to make sure that something like this never happens again. this is something that -- that was the worst day of my presidency. it's not something that i want to see repeated. >> the president says he supports increased background checks and bans on assault weapons and high capacity bullet magazines. >>> a solemn weekend for the town of webster, new york. thousands turned out to say goodbye to two firefighters killed in a christmas eve ambush. michael chiapperini and tomasz coe zow ka were killed when a  man opened fire on the responding firefighters. two other firefighters were wounded but they are expected to recover. >>> venezuelan president hugo chavez is suffering setbacks from cancer surgery. his vice president says chavez is dealing with new complications. doctors in cuba are treating him for a respiratory infection.
rules to put them in all new cars and trucks. it automatically records the actions of the driver and the car's response in a continuous loop. they can use the box to determine the cause of crashes. but privacy advocates say the box is intrusive and can be misused. >>> a capitol police officer is in the hospital after being hit by a car. it happened around 8:30 on massachusetts avenue in northeast d.c. we're told the officer was hit during a trafblling stop. her condition has not been released. >>> this morning a gaithersburg family is worried a pack of wild animals will strike again. coyotes or possibly wild dogs killed several sheep on the family farm off woodfield road. this is the second incident like this in two weeks. the family now fears the animals could also attack a person or even a child. >>> several people are hurt as a 7.3 earthquake hit off the coast of japan this morning. this all happened near the city of sendai. that is the same place that was hit hard by a 9.0 quake in march of 2011. no reports of any damage, and the reported injuries appear to be non-life threat
involved have been questioned by police and are facing disciplinary action. >>> police are circulating a flier around prince george's county in efforts of finding a teen's killer. detectives went door to door ini i in lewisdale last night. the boy was with two gang members when he was killed early yesterday morning. a van pulled up to the group and someone from inside that vehicle started firing. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction. >>> memorial plans are being made for a virginia college student killed in the caribbean. 22-year-old casey schulman was snorkeling last saturday when she was hit by the boat's propeller. she was a senior at the university of virginia and traveling with a semester at sea program. she graduated from stewart high school in falls church in 2009. her family has scheduled a public memorial for saturday morning at 11:00. >>> developing this morning in north korea, we've learned that a planned rocket launch by that country later this month is meant to honor late leader kim jong il. that's according to a former p
of the district of columbia. now the board is taking a stiff action saying we want to get rid of you mainly because the facilities are still inadequate and the policies were supposed to reduce staff and spending and that has not taken place. so he really has had a very tough tenure. >> will it change much at udc? >> i hope so because it needs to improve. it seems there has been a history of over spending, but not over spending on things that affect the classroom, and over spending on other things. so here you have -- you are both poor and over spending at the same time and the classrooms don't get what they need and the university is wasting money. >> what you are saying, you live within your means. >> right. >> old-fashioned idea. >> yeah, an old-fashioned idea. i think the board needs to come up -- before they hire a new president i think they need to come up with a comprehensive plan. what do you really want to be? they are a public university, the only public university in the district of columbia, and lord knows we need them, and with every new president there's a new concept and then
school shooting is heading to court. why they plan to take some legal action. >>> and there's a winter weather advisory in effect right now we are monitoring road conditions. so far, no reported accidents or trouble spots, but we've got our eye on >>> ten minutes after 9:00. welcome back. a live look at our camera outside of union station. things are a little dreary looking out there. we've got a slight wind picking up. you can see there with that flag. veronica will have the snow forecast track in a few minutes. >> this morning, police in virginia are investigating how a man died after his body was found in a car on the side of the road. an officer discovered the vehicle up a steep embankment in vienna last night. a man's body was inside that car. someone spotted the van crashing through a barrier earlier in the evening. homicide investigators were called in because of suspicious circumstances. >>> an elderly woman is dead and two others injured after a prior broke out in prince george's county. flames ripped through the entire home. police have not released the name of the victim. tw
-off for the division championship. >>> and the action we could see today to avoid a deep dive off the fiscal cliff. >>> we had a light dusting of snow move through, however -- >> but instead of the snow today the wind may be the big talker. let's get the big forecast with the meteorologist. >> it's going to be a windy day. we are looking at temperatures, 30s across the board. but it's windchill in lex con that i am worried about. look at the 38-mile-per-hour wind gusts in winchester. the temperatures feel like the 20s everywhere this morning and it feels like the teens in winchester, so dress what it looks like, and obviously the 54 is a mistake in annapolis. and the forecast high says 39 but it will feel like the 20s today. at least we get the sunshine back. we will talk about the redskins forecast and the 7-day forecast looking right into the new year when i see you guys in just a bit. >>> the country is two days from going over the so-called fiscal cliff. both the house and senate will be in session this sunday to prevent tax hikes and spending cuts that could go into effect on tuesday, and we
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